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Xcode folder reference not updating

As I’m going through the process of updating over 70 (!

) Xcode projects for the second revision of my Learn Cocos2D book, I thought I should outline the steps to upgrade an existing Xcode 3 project which uses cocos2d-iphone v0.99.x to a Xcode 4 project that uses cocos2d-iphone v1.0.x.

I have a x Code app which I am updating to the latest IOS.

I now notice that on building I have the following error/warning: /Conf View Controller.m:1: 'send Synchronous Request:returning Response:error:' is deprecated: first deprecated in i OS 9.0 - Use [NSURLSession data Task With Request:completion Handler:] (see NSURLSession.h From what I have read I should start to use "NSURLSession" but how do I use "NSURLSession" in my code, or am I looking at this incorrectly?

The documentation that is available for download through XCode is not simply a mirror of what Apple shows online.

The docs available online amount to about 1/2 of what is actually available from the more comprehensive downloaded versions.

But, Xcode’s directory management is broken enough to become really annoying in larger projects. Usually when you want to have an image or sound or any other resource in your i Phone application, you add it to Xcode, it is silently added to the ‘Copy Bundle Resources’ build phase, it might get converted or stripped back (pngs get quite heavily modified) and then gets copied into the app bundle.

Before deleting actual documentation, make sure your downloads folder for the images that contain the installers and the documentation are cleaned out: If you do decide to delete the documentation itself you will no longer have access to it through Xcode — so be careful not to delete the Core Doc Sets, or any others that you might need access to regularly as you don't fail over gracefully to the web documentation.On the file system this is a logical breakdown of content, and if I were to use this same structure within the application I could build a path to the appropriate folder in the resource bundle using an index value to specify which folder I am after (/Model-01, /Model-02, etc).This would allow for code that can access the same files, regardless of which model the user selected, no hard-coding of file names and paths.Obviously, you want to download the latest cocos2d-iphone version and unzip it to any directory.Just remember where you unzipped it because that’s where you’ll copy the new library folders from.

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You also want to make sure you’ve upgraded to Xcode 4 by now, by installing the i OS 4.3 (or later) SDK, if you haven’t done so already.