Wordpress sidebars not updating

Posted by / 15-Mar-2016 16:50

I was under the impression you could have some pages that use the content templates and others that use basic WP formatting - whereby it will call the sidebar widgets. I cannot get images to show up anywhere on the blog unless I host them somewhere other than WP.Right now, so that I can at least see how pages render, I am hosting some images on our Marketo server. Hi, For your first issue, when using a content template, you might try setting the Page template to "Hidden Title" in the Page Attributes box.

If it fails to go away, you will need to delete the maintenance mode notice yourself.

(I have removed all meta widgets and turned off the display admin in Options) But having the default template set to No Sidebar then creates the opposite problem - I cannot get the sidebar to show up on my blog pages or any other pages, regardless if I set the page layout to include a sidebar.

It seems that the Default template overrides any page settings with regard to layout.

After you’ve created your static front page and have assigned the Our Word Press themes make use of featured images to provide thumbnails for archives, custom widgets and usually also display a featured image within the post content (this can be disabled).

If you see grey placeholders instead of images on your front page, then you haven’t set featured images for your posts.

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In spite of this, and the fact that it is built on an open source code base, the wide variation in themes, plugins and server environments makes it difficult to nail down the root cause of a problem when something breaks. Updates are a vital part of keeping your Word Press website functional, and sometimes they happen automatically.

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