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Redating matthew mark and luke

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We know from Josephus that Festus succeeded Felix in 59 AD and died in 62 AD.

Building a Synoptic Theory: (2) The Relation of Luke to Matthew -- 4. Wenham dates Mark to about 45 AD and Luke to the mid-50's.

The average reader will probably not have the background or the interest to follow all of these details.

To show his conclusions as credible, which I believe he succeeds in doing, Wenham provides extensive details.

Based on such views he says that the Epistles were written first and that their authors did not know the Gospel accounts.

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Many of their theories have seemed to threaten the view of inspiration held by conservative evangelical denominations. He proposes that each evangelist received information by oral transmission, with Mark having some dependence on Matthew, and Luke having some dependence on Mark and Matthew. But the conclusions of , derived from years of research, must be hailed with excitement and recognized for their significance.

Wenham's book gives linguistic, historical, and exegetical evidence supporting an early date for the Synoptic Gospels. Robinson, this book asserts that Christians may have known the Gospels more or less in their present form since the mid first century A. Wenham presents his views on how the Gospels were written, the oral transmission of the Jesus tradition, and when the Gospels were written.

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Following in the tradition of the iconoclastic , by J. Summarizing his research, he concludes: "These [Gospels] were written at dates when many were alive who could confirm or contradict what was written." Placing the written Gospels in the second decade of Christianity is a radical proposal.

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