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Accommodating obese people

All that changed when the Supreme Court of Canada ruled in Québec v.

Boisbriand (2000) that a handicap is more than a biomedical condition, and can exist outside of functional limitations.

Already hospitals are having to buy specialist beds, wheelchairs, commodes and crutches for obese patients to help them deal with the crisis, a Freedom of Information request has revealed.

But for people like me who suffer from morbid obesity, they are especially grueling.The law has finally caught up with the discrimination that almost every obese person has experienced first hand.In Canada, a disability no longer has to be immutable – that’s the legal term that, up until recently, narrowed the definition of disability to gender, age, sex, race, religion or such traditional physical limitations as blindness or paraplegia.He took up his seat and 60% of my seat and was also crushed up against the seat in front of him.I would even go so far as to say that size person should be prohibited on that size airplane.

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I did land one eventually, as a manager in one of the world’s leading business schools. Because of my handicap, co-workers had to take over tasks that I couldn’t manage – mainly those that involved climbing any number of stairs or walking more than 20 feet. legal system has started leaning in favor of obese workers.

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